Our Pastor

Wayne graduated with a BS in Natural Resources in 1984, and an MPA in 1987, both from The Ohio State University. Graduated with a MDiv from Asbury Theological Seminary in 2001. He has served six appointments since June 1997, mostly in Claiborne, Anderson, and Roane Counties (TN). He enlisted in the Kentucky National Guard in 1987 as a private, mustered out of the Army Reserve in 1997 as a Captain. Served the United Way of Summit County (Akron Ohio) and Greater Chattanooga from 1988-1997 as a Divisional Campaign Director.

He married his high school sweetheart, Sandra, in 1979. They have three grown sons, three wonderful daughters-in-law and three granddaughters and one to be determined on the way. All three sons are good dads and husbands, employed and contributing and you will probably meet them while we are serving here. He has two living parents married 70 years that he is called to support from time to time in Dry Ridge, KY. He and Sandra both come from strong Methodist backgrounds. Wayne's family goes back in the church to the early 1790's and Sandra's to the mid-1800's.

Hobbies are designated by the seasons. Wayne fishes in the spring and early summer, vegetable gardens and loves his yardwork in the spring and summer, and squirrel and deer hunts in the fall of the year. He also collects and runs Lionel postwar trains in the winter and throughout the year enjoys reading theology, history, and traveling when he gets the chance.