After telling the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus asked, "Who was the good neighbor?"  And the young man responded, "The one who showed compassion."  That, in a sentence, describes the Bradbury congregation. 

Alaska/Oklahoma Missions

Bradbury has a long history of construction missions across the country. These are financially supported by a mission lunch held every month.  Contact Roy Wallen to volunteer.

Local Construction Missions

The need for local construction missions is great and growing.  Bradbury teams have completed several construction projects, including installation of handicap ramps, installation of handicap restrooms, restoration of mission centers, Habitat for Humanity projects, and more. From Knoxville to Harriman, we do these projects without consideration for church affiliation, but to show those in need that there is a God who truly cares.  Contact Roy Wallen to participate.

Holston Conference/United Methodist Missions

Bradbury is part of a worldwide connection of United Methodist churches.  Regionally, we are part of the Holston Conference of over 900 churches.  We strive to be "a connectional people" to answer the mandate of Christ to be "the body of Christ."

 Beyond financial support, we help prepare cleaning buckets for flood relief, provide school kits, food buckets, and personal hygiene kits wherever they are needed.

In southern Sudan, Holston Conference has provided missionaries, installed over 20 clean water wells, constructed dozens of churches, and finished the first phase of Grace Home for children. Holston Conference teams routinely provide construction and children/youth programming in the Czech Republic and surrounding countries where previous Communist governments tried to crush Christianity.  And locally, we sponsor many missions to the poor in Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia.  Learn how you can participate here.