Children and Youth

We love and welcome young people.  We provide a safe place where you can be heard and accepted without judgment, and provide a variety of events that allow you to express your faith through your own words and actions.  We encourage and nurture your individual talents as you grow in your faith. 


We have a vibrant youth program designed to show how much you are loved by God and how to live a life that is pleasing to Him.  You are welcome to join us anytime!  During the school year, the youth ministry meets at the church on Wednesday for dinner at 5 p.m and the program begins at 6 p.m.  For more information, Contact Dale or Debbie Hensley via any of the "Contact Us" links or pages or the youth facebook page: BigFish YouthGroup.




We have a choir that sings for special events during the year.  Practice typically follows the end of the second service on Sundays (around 12:15 p.m).  Either contact Sonja Robinson to learn more, or just show up at practice!  Everyone is welcome!


Bradbury is known for good cooks and good food!  We have several fellowship meals -- breakfast after early service on Sundays, lunches and dinners to support missions, and gatherings at the church's lake property on special holidays.  We also celebrate important "milestone" life events for parishioners and friends of the church, such as wedding and baby showers, as well as birthday and anniversary celebrations.  Contact JoAnn Silvis, via any of the "Contact Us" links or pages, to participate in this ministry.

JOY Ministry

This is a growing ministry dedicated to encouraging, nurturing, and loving those in our community who have given JOY to so many, but find themselves slowed by life circumstances.  Visits, cards, picnics, balloons, and luncheons are part of this adventure.  JOY on the Road encourages Christian fellowship outside of the church, and includes attending plays, dinners, and visiting fun and interesting places.  Check the calendar for upcoming events, or contact Jean Deakin, via any of the "Contact Us" links or pages, to participate.

Prayer Ministry

Bradbury has an active prayer ministry, both in-person and via email.  Prayer meetings are held every Tuesday at 10 a.m. in the church chapel -- everyone is welcome. Additionally, both praises and prayer requests are lifted at each service, and an email is sent out every week to all church members with the details. As needs arise during the week, emails are sent to all church members with a request for prayer.  To add your name to the email list, contact Dale or Debbie Hensley via any of the "Contact Us" links or pages.

Yard Sale

We hold yard sales four times a year to help others by selling items at a very low price that have been donated by generous givers.  Remaining items at the end of the sale are donated to ministries such as Lost Sheep Ministries and Goodwill.  Volunteers are always needed to help price items, set up for the sale, help during the sale, and clean up afterwards.  Check the calendar for the next sale, and contact Norma Jean Hensley, via any of the "Contact Us" links or pages, to assist.